Alexandra Grace


Alex is a Maui raised tattoo artist with a deep dedication to the craft of tattooing. Since she was little, she held a fascination for all forms of art, and their roots. This blossomed into an appreciation for the time honored traditions of tattooing, and its many facets.

After years of working her way through a classic apprenticeship, and tattooing in Kihei, she finally found her home at Soular Tattoo.

Alex loves the challenge of tattooing diverse styles, especially when defined by bold lines, smooth greys, as well as vibrant colors.

She has an enthusiastic approach to small tattoos, without hesitation towards large projects, and loves to work with people to bring their ideas to life, while giving them a unique and positive tattoo experience. She jokes that every completed tattoo is a horcrux, because she instills so much of herself in every person and their piece.

When she’s not tattooing at Soular, Alex also thrives on traveling to tattoo alongside and learn from other Artists. She’s also an avid reader, professional dog petter, bread baker, painter, and always digging to learn more about tattoo history.

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