Jessica Millman



Jessica Millman is a tattooer and certified microblading specialist. Originally born and raised in Rochester, New York, Jess was itching to get out of her home town, travel, and experience a new part of the world. She ended up spontaneously moving to Maui, Hawaii back in 2016 with her boyfriend, without ever having visited Hawaii before. Little did she know that Maui would end up calling her back. Jess and her boyfriend, Kevin, are now back on the beautiful island of Maui and settling into their permanent home.

While living on Maui the first time around, Jess rediscovered her passion and love for art after leaving the field of veterinary medicine and bouncing around between different jobswithin the service industry. Jess has always had a passion for art and beauty in all things and during her time on Maui, she became more and more inspired to find a career where she could not only focus more on her artwork and be able to travel the world while sharing her passion and love for art, but to also be able to uplift and empower those around her in any way that she can. After a lot of begging and proving that becoming a tattoo artist was something she really wanted, her boyfriend, Kevin, who has been tattooing since 2011, finally agreed to apprentice her. Although it was not a traditional apprenticeship, Kevin and Jess have proven that couples can, in fact, work together and thrive together. Mutual respect, patience, hard work, and support has allowed Jess to evolve as a tattoo artist alongside Kevin.

With every new and existing tattoo project, Jess always strives to create the best possible experience for her client by going above and beyond. The tattoo process is a very personal experience shared between both artist and client and Jess believes open communication and trust are key. Although Jess enjoys taking on just about any and all ideas and her style is constantly expanding, her main focus in tattooing since the beginning has been primarily blackwork, ornamental and dotwork inspired designs. She aspires to work on more bold and decorative large scale projects that are inspired by ancient motifs and can develop and evolve organically over time. When working on larger projects, her consultation process relies on open-mindedness and a shared visionbetween her and her client.

Although Jessica loves decorative tattooing, one of her favorite parts of her job is being able to provide her clients with a newly found sense of confidence, wholeness, and overall beauty through her cosmetic tattoo services. She attended an extensive one-on-one cosmetic tattoo course to become a Certified Microblading Specialist in March of 2018. She plans to broaden her cosmetic services outside of microblading to help instill beauty, confidence, and inspiration in her clients. Continuous education and growth is important to Jess in her career of art and tattooing and she looks forward to being able to learn and provide more cosmetic and paramedical tattoo services to her clients in the near future such as areola restorative tattooing for those healing from post-mastectomy procedures, scalp micropigmentation, realistic re-pigmentation to correct discoloration in the skin and help blend in healed scars, lip blush tattooing, and permanent eyeliner.

Jess is passionate about sustainability and the health of the land and the oceans. She is constantly striving to find new ways to decrease her carbon footprint and to inspire others to do the same. With this passion, Jess plans to discover and use more environmentally friendly supplies that will ultimately allow her to produce less waste as a tattoo artist. All tattoo ink and cosmetic pigments used by Jess are vegan.

Outside of tattooing, Jess is passionate about living her best life and inspiring others to live theirs. On her days off from tattooing, you can find her tending to her garden full of home grown organic vegetables and fruits, hiking new trails and discovering secret waterfalls, taking her dog for joy rides and long walks around the island, volunteering at the humane society, relaxing on the beach with a good book, or still learning how to surf.