Justin Blake


Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Justin Blake relocated to the beautiful island of Kaua’i with his family at age 12. He apprenticed at Kapu Tattoo on Kaua’i where his mentors pushed him to become proficient in many different styles of tattooing. Afterfinishing his apprenticeship in 2013 he continued to work with them for the follow-ing three years.

Ready for a change and wanting to explore a new island, he decided to take guest spots on the different islands of Hawaii. Justin felt at home while working at SoularTattoo, and when offered a spot as a permanent artist in 2015 he jumped on the op-portunity. Since making the move to Maui, Justin has continued to learn and grow his craft while increasingthedemand for his specific styles of tattooing. His pre-ferred styles include but are not limited to; fine line black and grey, ornamental, American Traditional, and Polynesian tribal motifs.

While Justin enjoys his position at Soular, he frequently travels between the islands and works at various shops on Maui, Kaua’i and Oahu to continue meeting and col-laborating with other artists and clientele. In particular, Justin loves taking the ideas of his clients, giving his artistic input, and creating a beautiful piece that not only matches his style, but will be something in line with the client’s original vision. Clients are always thrilled with their final piece, claiming their new tattoo turned outbetter than they could have imagined.

Because of his attention to detail, Justin has found an abundance of return clients from across the world.His clients return not only for his artistry and charm, but alsoto continue building on the relationship they’ve created with this passionate and committed artist.

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    Bryna Hunt

    15 11 2019

    To Justin blake:
    We, my mom my daughter & myself want to thank you so much for the beautiful work you did in all three of us yesterday nov 14. All three of our butterflies are absolutely amazing!! Your art on all three of us was exactly what we each wanted & we are so happy with the results! Each one so different but exactly what we hoped for & each a special tribute to my sister…
    Thank you so very much!!
    Bryna Hunt

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