Kevin Farrand

Portrait of Kevin Farrand


Kevin Farrand is a tattooer from Rochester, New York. Art has been his biggest passion from a young age that ultimately led him to pursue tattooing in 2011.

After tattooing for a few years in NY, Kevin felt he was ready for a new chapter in life. He moved on his own to the beautiful island of Maui in 2014 to pursue surfing, tattooing and to gain a new perspective on life. Kevin has since traveled back and forth between Maui and New York with his girlfriend Jess, who also works alongside him as an artist. Kevin and Jess share the same passions of traveling and have enjoyed working with various artists and tattoo shops, all while seeking growth individually and together. In 2019 Kevin and Jess decided to permanently move back Maui.

Kevin’s art has always stemmed from his love of observing the natural world around him. Animals and plant-life have been major focal points in his tattooing and art. He has been tattooing professionally since 2011 and is meticulous about his creations. He is well versed in many styles including, but not limited to, biomech/bio-organic, neo-traditional, illustrative,
(Color and black and grey). Kevin has found that working in these styles have allowed him to create artwork at his full potential.

He is currently focusing on creating tattoos with very high contrast that have a bold and solid foundation. Kevin really believes in longevity and tries to make sure each tattoo will be enjoyed by his clients for a lifetime.

Whether the tattoo is large or small, capturing a memory or decorating the body, he prides himself in being someone who cares for his clients and goes above and beyond to provide a memorable experience for every client. He believes open mindedness, open communication and a shared vision is key throughout the tattoo process.