Chuck Gordon


Chuck Gordon is a tattooer and owner of Soular Tattoo. In search of a warm island lifestyle, Chuck moved from Colorado to Maui with his wifeand two daughters in 2010. He saw a niche on the island for quality tattoos and piercings and decided to pursue his passion of always pro-gressing as an artist and striving to do the best possible tattoo. This was the inspiration behind the name “Soular”. Chuck believes his maxi-mum effort involved in his work would no less share a small piece of his soul in each tattoo. Many years of hard work and focus on quality have built a solid reputation for Soular Tattoo worldwide.

At an early age Chuck realized he had a gift as an artist in several dif-ferent mediums. As a child, teen, and young adult, he was looking to develop this gift and continue progressing as an artist. Chuck took mul-tiple art classes in school and even after graduating high school chose art as the main focus in his life.

In 2003 Chuck decided to make art a professional occupation and took the opportunity to apprentice as a piercer. Chuck knew this was the perfect opportunity to get his foot in the door to later apprentice for tattooing.

Though this guy can just about tattoo anything you ask him to, he mostly enjoys an illustrative approach to his designs. Chuck’s style fo-cuses on clean, bold line work and just enough black to create the per-fect contrast for a tattoo built to last. This is a tried and true formula derived from the styles of traditional American and Japanese designs. Chuck enjoys tattooing just about anything but feels that his strength is best in Neotraditional, Japanese, and ornamental. All of these styles have similar elements allowing some hybrid styles that have a recog-nizable look. Tattoo lovers and enthusiasts enjoy being able to identify a tattoo as a “Chuck G Tattoo.”

Since 2010 and thousands of working hours, Chuck has developed his craft for tattooing tremendously. He’s a well rounded artist who’s confi-dence and laid back demeanor makes him easy to work with. The qual-ity of his finished pieces has made him a sought after artist on Maui forseveral years now.