Makenna Kuykendal

✨Piercer @soular_tattoo_maui
Maui, Hawaii
Available – Mon-Wed 12-6pm & Fri/Sat 12-6pm
To schedule an appointment, call 808-661-1213

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Makenna has been apart of our team since 2020. Her journey started in 2015 in Utah where she started working in tattoo/piercing studios. “When I moved to hawaii the first thing I did was look for a tattoo shop to work at and further learn about tattooing/piercing. I didn’t come across anywhere I really loved until I found Soular tattoo. The environment, the people, the energy was unlike any studio I had been to. This was the place for me.”

Makenna has worked alongside different professional piercers including our owner Chuck who apprenticed her.

She has sought to bring quality pieces of jewelry and a great experience to all her clients. Her favorite piercings to do is helix/flat piercings and septum piercings. She loves these because “the jewelry options are so vast, beautiful and unique. I love a good statement piece.”

“I love the way people light up when they see their new piercings. Expression is so important and I’m so happy to give people something that makes them feel confident and beautiful.”

Many people feel nervous or scared when getting a new piercing and Makenna can relate to that and helps her clients to feel at ease. “Its normal! Even I get scared when getting a new piercing, but I am here to help you face that fear and make it as easy as possible.”

Makenna is always looking to grow as a piercer and to further her knowledge gaining many new clients along the way!