I’d like to shout out a huge mahalo to one of the hardest working printing gurus in the business. Dominic Rosacci, owner of Superior ink, in Denver Colorado.

He has blown me away with his path of progression. I watched this young entrepreneur grow, expand, multiply, and inspire since 2005! It’s a true honor to do business with a guy who isn’t blinded by the bottom line. Dominic is not only a great friend and businessman, but keeps his intensions to make a difference the priority as he partnered in launching All Made apparel.

We just got our first order of All Made T-shirts printed for Soular Tattoo and they’re at the top of the shirt game. The perfect fit was achieved when these guys put their nose to the cut and sew design. Always my first pick when it’s clean and hanging, the All made fabric is but the softest of poly blends. These guys not only made a super high end t shirt that’s a true joy to wear, but they’ve managed to improve the textile manufacturing process by using recycled plastic bottles as a source for the material to make their garments.

All Made’s consciousness of environmental wastes and fare labor wages in Haiti is a standard that’s backed up by the quality of their product. Today is a day where the consumer wants to do the right thing, we just need to give them the opportunity. I highly suggest having your next line of shirts printed on All Made brand apparel. It feels good!!

Check out: Superior Ink!

Article By: CHUCKY

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