Jasn Basn


Tattoo artist. Piercer. Musician. Human? Maybe…

Jasn Basn, born Jason Foghino, was given his name by a bandmate back around 2010. Being a bass player the name “Basn” was not only silly and fun, but complimented his playful light hearted nature on and off stage. Synchronistically, the only Garbage Pale Kid bearing the name Jason was Jason Basin. Portrayed in a toilet basin washing himself with a toilet brush. Having never acquired that card of his likeness as a child. How fitting is it that (completely unrelated) later in life he has become known by the same name?

Although Jasn was born in Michigan, most of his younger years were spent growing up in Las Vegas, where he always felt out of place. He was naturally drawn to cultures other than his own. As a teenager the modifications witnessed on others either in his peer group or on National Geographic type publications were very at-tractive to him. This draw towards ritual based adornment was undeniable. Al-though not fully understood at the time he continued on a path that would eventu-ally lead him to his present career as a professional tattoo artist and body piercer.

Having never felt connected with the “traditional” aspect of American tattoo-ing, Jasn started his journey of transformation via body piercing. Later he was intro-duced to several types of ritualistic tattooing that would aid in the inspiration of his work. The most influential types of rituals would include South East Asian designs and motifs of Iban headhunters, full body tattooing of sea faring Pacific Islanders, and spirit testing body suspension rites of passage of Native Americans and Hindus alike. This modern primitive was just being born.

Jasn has been a shy soul out in society from early on and he continues to be such until you get to know him. Although in his element, either in the studio or on stage, he has built a bubble of comfort which allows his true nature to be witnessed.Hopefully reading the story of his past will help understand his present mindset, which is constantly being revised. So good luck!

In the year 2005, 7 years after starting his piercing career fate brought Jasn to the island of Maui. It is here where his story gets kicked into overdrive with a boost of nitrous! For years Jasn denied his ultimate destiny of applying designs to skin via needles and ink. In 2006, as a favor to his dear friend and mentor Samson Harp he reluctantly started tattooing. Having that background of the Modern Primi-tive movement it just made sense that Jasn would learn more traditional methods ofhand poke, hand tapped, and of course machine tattooing. Samson shared his mana‘o (thoughts) around Polynesian designs which fostered a solid foundation to understanding the tattoos he was creating for others. Jasn taught himself how to hand tap the Iban motifs he had studied and worn himself for years. That included making the bamboo tools from material he hiked out of a remote valley on Kauai. Hand poking came naturally to him, the methodical and meditative ritual soothed his soul and allowed him to provide a rare experience to those who so wished. Yearslater and still feeling like he wasn’t meant to be a tattoo artist, these ancient prac-tices kept him in the game. Being sought out was validating to the idea that he was in the right place doing the right thing. In this life, Jasn is re-living multiple lifetimesin fast forward, an accumulation of wisdom acquired over the eons.

Still with how right all of this felt he knew there was more to be explored, more to be learned, and more of himself to be experienced. These cultures he at-tempted to represent still were not his own. Their didn’t seem to be a culture where he felt one with. Paying homage to these people who laid the foundation of his growth, Jasn give thanks to all that have come before him. Every bird must fly the coupe at some point.

One day flipping through a European tattoo magazine an article with Zed LeHead popped up. This Godfather of dotwork geometry spoke words that sunk far into Jasn’s being. The similarity of his art sparked a flame inside that created a fork in time and space. This ultimately sent Jasn on a trajectory towards the ultimate past, present, and future. Jasn felt the language of the universe (geometric mathe-matical expression) could be represented well through his tattooing. Finally things started to come into focus. Always being good with numbers, rulers and protractors,this was the nudge he was waiting for. Realizing people actually wore patterns and shapes, was a pivotal moment in the direction of his tattoo designs. Year 2008 was a ground breaking moment for this style of tattooing we now know as dot work, geometric, and black work or a combination of all these. Quite possibly the first dot work geometric tattooist in the state of Hawaii, Jasn has put in the time and effort todevelop this skill set with passion.

Jasn has spent over a decade focusing on offering a very specific style of tat-tooing that in his opinion is exposing the underlying structure of all that is using sa-cred geometric patterns and intuition. Jasn practices loosing the ego while offering what he is passionate about as he does his best work. Every tattoo is a chance to improve and make his clients feel more at home in their skin.

If you find yourself drawn to the art of Jasn Basn keep an open heart and open mind. Sometimes the most profound things are the least expected. It’s not un-common for a design to veer from the original idea to create something one could never have imagined. Jasn works well with references pulled from the gamut of life. Be it natural/geometric shapes, or specific designs/patterns inspired from nature, science, architecture, fabric, etc., Jasn works well if given the freedom to interpret his vision of the reference to create a unique design to suite each client best. Pleaseunderstand everything Jasn creates is custom, therefore he chooses not to replicate tattoos others already wear. Jasn wants the designs he creates to be as unique as the individual wearing them. We all get inspiration from everything around us. There truly is no such thing as a new idea, but it’s how we portray that idea which gives it character and uniqueness.

“May your journey of self expression bring you love and excitement. Remember to not take things so seriously.”