During a recent visit we asked one of our favorite regulars, Karen Chiaramonte, a few questions about getting tattoos and her experience at Soular Tattoo:

How would you describe your experience of getting tattooed here at Soular Tattoo?

Awesome!  Very professional a 10 out of 10 with super high quality work.  I’ve never been disappointed with any work done with Soular.

What advice would you give to someone looking to choose an artist or pick out a tattoo design?

One of the first things we did was to look at reviews for a shop.  Then go in and meet the artist and look through their samples. Go with an idea in mind, but be open minded to their artwork.

How is the pain level for getting a larger piece with lots of detail and color.

No pain, no gain is the thing.  The honest truth is that the tattoo process is hours of pain, but afterwards you completely forget about any pain level because it looks so good.

How is the healing?

Healing is really simple, the largest piece I had done at Soular took maybe two weeks to completely heal.  It itched a little bit when it was healing, but otherwise, it was simple.

In what ways do you enjoy your new tattoo?

I love them because they are all memorable.  It reminds me of not only what brought me in, something important in my personal life, but it reminds me of much it means to come back to the same shop year after year.  It’s a bond, a real friendship.

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