We recently interviewed Samantha Carder about getting a tattoo and her experience at Soular Tattoo:

How would you describe your experience of getting tattooed at Soular Tattoo?

Almost homie like, everyone’s a pal and it’s a really chill, cool environment. I love the store itself, it has a really cool vibe with the artwork and artifacts all over, it’s like eye candy!

What advice would you give to someone for how to choose an artist or a tattoo design?

Do you want a good tattoo, or a good price? Don’t shop around for the cheapest price. To me it’s about artwork, it’s about the artist, not a quick one-stop shop.

What is the pain level for getting a larger tattoo?

Placement varies with pain. You can get through it, it’s not a big deal, but depends on how bad you want the tattoo.

How is the healing?

Great! I actually had really good healing. And I think it has a lot to do with your shop being so clean and my healing salve. Just really taking care of it and respecting all the rules you told me at the beginning.

In what ways do you enjoy your new tattoo?

Showing it off. I love when people don’t even try to understand the meaning of it, If they talked to me for 5 minutes they might be able to understand!

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